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What is the Difference Between a Burro and a Donkey?
What is the difference in a burro and a donkey? If you are just starting out learning about donkeys, this may be a question that is puzzling you. So let's find the answer!
Mule Appreciation Day
Famous Donkeys Today is a special day - Mule Appreciation Day! In 1985 this day was established as a day of recognition for our longeared friends.

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Mule train annual trek to Death Valley Encampment
A handful of wagons pulled by mules will head out of a lot across from Terrible's Lakeside Casino Monday morning on the annual ride that will end up at the '49ers encampment in Furnace Creek almost two weeks later.
Local cowboy hauled by mules to final resting place
Today a unique funeral service will be held for a local cowboy who left his brand on the community. William Alan Freeland "Wild Bill" will be hauled in a wagon by a pack of mules to his final resting place.
Man, dog, donkey and friend walk across the country, pass through Craig
Eric Sheets stood on the side of Colorado Highway 13 north of Craig on a sunny autumn day with a dog, a donkey, a friend and a vision.

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Where There's a Mule, There's a Way
SaMule the Mule By Helen T. Hertz When Diana Schmid purchased a six-week-old orphaned mule and named him SaMule, she couldn't have known the journey they would take together, the challenges they would face, or who would be there to help them.
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Photos by Diane by Diane
A Trip to Mali to Study the Welfare of Working Donkeys
This past summer I had a very unique opportunity to travel to Mali (West Africa) with my two professors from Michigan State, Dr. Camie Heleski and Dr. Mel Yokoyama, to conduct research on methods to improve the conditions and longevity of working donkeys.

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DNA Testing in Equines
By Michal Prochazka, MD, Founder & Director, Pet DNA Services of Az, Tempe, Arizona (www.petdnaservicesaz.com). PDSAz is offering tests in horses (colors, spotting, selected heritable disorders), and bird sexing....
Anatomical Differences in Donkeys
We all know the differences between donkeys and horses by sight. But, the differences that are easily seen, like ears, are not the only differences to be aware of....
Trail Riding Etiquette for Donkey Riders
By Marna Kazmaier Belle Fourche, SD...

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