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Handsome Painted Burro
Nereus is a super sweet around 8 year old John (recently gelded) We rescued him from the Enumclaw Sales Pavilion and he has just been a blessing! He stands about 41" tall (so around 10.2/10.3 hands) and his very good on the lead. He halters so gently and will stand for hours letting you...
Jul 2, 2015
  Donkey jack, grey w/stripe, 47', 10y/o, gentle,
Big Jack is a 47 inch, 10year old jack donkey. He's grey with the wither stripe. Will be very gentle, good bone. He's easy to catch, runs well with other stock, can be ridden. Would be a good jack, guard, riding, or pet donkey. No bite or kick. Asking $200 Please call 573-729-4839 if interested.
Jun 2, 2015
  Donkey jack, red roan, 52', 6 y/o, ridable, gentle
Flash is a 52" red roan jack donkey. He is 6 y/o. He is very gentle, easy to handle in all ways, has been rode, will follow you anywhere. No bite or kick. Easy to catch. Great pet, riding donkey, or breeder. Good bone, nice size. Asking $200. Please call 573-729-4839 if interested.
Jun 2, 2015
Flashy Large Jenny that's ridable
Large standard beautifully marked black and white jenny donkey and her grey Mammoth best friend. They are tame, super pets, and have been ridden some by kids and adults. Both are adult females and have been excellent mothers in the past. They love to eat multi-flora rose, chase foxes, coyotes and...
Feb 17, 2015

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