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I got a strange sounding offer from someone wanting to buy my mule, donkey, tack, etc. Is this legitimate or is it a scam?
Beware of Scammers
Scam Alert

How can I find past articles that have been posted on LongearsMall?
Searching Article Archives

How do I search for a specific business or classified ad on LongearsMall?
Searching Stores, Store Listings and Classifieds
Searching by Zip Code

I can't remember my username and password to log in, but I want to update my listings. How do I find my login information?
How to Change Your Password (Follow the instructions in the first four paragraphs to find your forgotten password)

I'd like to change my LongearsMall password. How do I do that?
How to Change Your Password

How do I place a Classified Ad or Store/Business Listing?
Creating New Listings

How do I resize the photos for my ads so that I can upload them?
In Adobe PhotoShop
In Jasc PaintShopPro

How do I cancel my auto-renewing subscription on PayPal?
Listing Subscription Auto-Renewals through PayPal

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