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October 05, 2004

What happens when you leave your kids home alone to play in the yard?

by Jehnet Carlson,
DJ Bar Ranch


It is fall and I'm thinking “Well I will turn all the mules out in the yard to mow it a bit before winter sets in.” We were getting ready to leave for Sandpoint Idaho Draft and Mule Show, so we had to run to town to fuel the rig up, drop a mule off at it's owners house that was here for training and take one mare down to the state section.

Fernando is a young veterinarian from Brazil who is staying with me learning about mules in the United States. When Fernando and I got back, we ran the mules back to the corrals to pen them up for the night. He immediately noticed that Ebony a young 3 year old Tennessee Walking Mule was missing.

We looked around the yard and were scanning the distant hill for her. Now, I have really good fences all around so I just couldn't imagine where just one mule would be by herself. It was getting late so I decided to go into the house to get a pair of binoculars to scan the hills.


Well I found her in the house! Not sure how she got in except possibly one of the dogs slipped out the screen door and she must have slipped in behind them with the door closing behind her. I am really fortunate that she didn't panic and try to jump out one of the big picture glass windows.

The only damage was a deposit on the floor, a knocked over chair and knocking a flat of tomatoes onto the floor maybe eating some and squishing a whole lot. So be careful leaving your kids home alone out in the yard to play! <GRIN>


Jehnet Carlson lives at DJ Bar Ranch in Belgrade, Montana and can be reached at info@djbarranch.com or (406) 388-7463. Her website is http://www.djbarranch.com.

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