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April 23, 2009

Halters & Young Foals - Almost Disaster

Sometimes the least expected can happen. And this time it could have ended in disaster for this beautiful young colt.


I'm going to tell you about a disaster I barely dodged this week.

I have 2 outside Quarter Horse mares in my barn in corrals. One has a nice mule colt. The owner brought them Monday to rebred to Mav. Cathy was helping me tonight with the breeding. We had just bred one mare and were letting Mav catch his breath.

While we were waiting, We were watching the mule baby play bouncing and rearing bucking. The mare's owner had left her halter on her when he left her at my farm. The mare was eatting grain in a pan on the ground while baby played. Before we knew it, the baby ran his front foot through the mom's halter and could not pull it out. Then he started fighting it. The mare then picked her head up. The colt was standing on his back feet stuck.

I headed that way and the mare saw me coming and almost paniced but I started talking to her, and she calmed down a little. The baby had lost his balance and was hanging there. But as soon as that happen he went limp.

So I got in there and picked him up to take the weight off his leg and tried holding him up and getting his foot out. Well that didn't work because of the angle he was in. So I let him down again hanging and I went to work getting the mare's halter undone. Her owner always kept it on her, and it had been on a long time, and was hard to get undone. I did finally get it undone and the colt jumped up and was ok.

Well after that experience, I went around and started taking halters off of everyone who still had one on. I never had seen something like that happen or even heard of it happening. I was sure glad it happen when we were there!

This experience sure opened my eyes to what everyone has been saying about not leaving halters on. I wonder if a horse colt would have paniced and broken his leg in that situation, or if his mother had spooked, what might have happen. That young mule sure knew he was in trouble and went plum limp.

Please take this story as a warning that it can be very dangerous or even deadly to leave halters on your donkeys and mules when they are unattended. And even when attended, you should watch to make sure your lively young colts don't get hung up in someone else's halter.

Article by Anthony.

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April 16, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Josephine My Love

Owned by Dianne Smith of Monogram Farms
Smithville, TX
Article and Photos submitted by Jeannie Richards


What it takes to make a champion is far more than just physical ability. A champion must have a big heart, and Josephine My Love was most certainly a champion. She was not only a Champion, but a multiple World Champion, and National Champion Mule. Even more to her credit, she has been shown by many riders including youth and sub-youth riders as young as 3 years old. Her owner Dianne Smith has ridden her to win many championships, earninga countless line up of awards including 10 saddles at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, and a Pick-Up truck. She was shown in 2008 at San Antonio by a youth exhibitor, Kelsey Hoffpauir, along with a Mammoth Donkey and a Miniature Donkey, earning Kelsey a $10,000.00 scholarship. Josephine was trained by Mary Wasson.

Josephine died January 3, 2009, at the age of 16. She was still in her prime, and died of an unexpected infection.

There is no way to write enough words, or say all the right things to express the impact Josephine had on the people who knew her. She was special beyond words. She was a gorgeous sorrel molly mule, standing 16.5 hands. But her beauty was not the most important thing about her. She was exceptionally tolerant and willing. When she entered the ring, she put her feet right where she was asked to put them….every time. It didn't really matter who was on her back. If she was asked, the answer was always "YES".

Josephine contributed to the donkey and mule world in ways that will never be forgotten. There will be a huge space in the hearts and minds of all who knew her that will not easily be filled back up. Saying goodbye is not easy, but never was there a mule more deserving of a tribute than the lovely, Josephine My Love.


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April 10, 2009

Show Report: San Antonio Donkey and Mule Show

Sanctioned by Gulf Coast Donkey and Mule ASSociation
February 16th & 17th, 2009
Judge: Sandy Jirkovsky
Article and Photos submitted by Jeannie Richards


This show continues to grow in numbers, especially with the large animals, and we want to thank all the exhibitors who attended. GCDMA is proud to announce that this year's San Antonio show was a great success!

The San Antonio staff is beyond comparison in their organization of this show, and their courtesy toward exhibitors and spectators. These guys andgals really know what it takes to make a show run smoothly, and they greatly exceed our expectations each year. What a great crew! One worker travels all the way from Florida each year just to volunteer at this show, and most especially so that she can work with the donkeys and mules. They love this show as much as we do!

For most of the GCDMA officers this is a very easy show, but not for all. We wish to extend a special Thank You to Rose Jones, our show secretary, for organizing and working this show. Her jobs are numerous, and without her we just couldn't do it. Not only is she indispensable, but she does it all with a smile. We also wish to thank Page Bishop for working the computer at the show. A special thanks also goes to Tex Taylor for helping with trail patterns, and to David Sessum for helping us work the show.

The spotlight of the San Antonio show goes to Cody Wellman, who won the $10,000.00 scholarship. Some of you may recognize Cody as the ring steward for the past two years at our ADMS National Show, where he served as a volunteer with his 4-H group. This young man spent many hours of hard work going to different locations to take lessons from the owners of the three animals he showed, and never seemed to tire of the schedule. He showed all three animals with the confidence and ability of a professional, and walked away with three titles in addition to the scholarship. The three animals he showed were: Judiciass, owned by Monica Bishop (Reserve Champion Youth Mule), Laptop, owned by Jessica Scoggins (Champion Youth Donkey), and Little Chief, owned by Li'l Angels Miniature Donkeys (Champion Youth Miniature Donkey). Congratulations Cody!

We also want to recognize Weston Shefcik, who won the Reserve title for the scholarship. We had several youth competing for this award, and we hope that number will increase as more people become aware of the program. This is the only scholarship that we know of for donkeys and mules! The youth scholarship is based on total points for the whole show, for each youth exhibitor. We congratulate and applaud all the youth exhibitors at San Antonio! Well done!

For complete results for the San Antonio show, please visit our website at www.GCDMA.org.

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April 06, 2009

Montana Longears Association Newsletter - March, 2009

Submitted by Marilyn Stromberg, Montana Longears Association

Mule Days is just around the corner. The advertising crew is out and thought I would remind you that if you would like to sponsor some awards, classes or put an ad in the program the deadline is April 20th. We had such nice support from our members last year I would like to see that again.

There will be a "Strut Your Stuff Parade" Saturday evening of Mule Days. It will begin at 8:00 p.m. and will be making a run through the fairgrounds only. Everyone is welcome. If you have a costume, wear it. If you have a donkey or mules for sale, they are all welcome. All animals for sale are to have a green ribbon tied to their tail (ribbon available at the show office), that way people will know what is for sale during the parade. After the parade there will be a "Meet and Greet" area for sale animals following the parade at the north end of the arena on the track. The area will be well marked with signs. If you would like more information on the parade contact Julie Davis at jdavis@bitterroot.com 406-777-2524.

Don't forget to get your Mulette costume going. If you are interested in being in the Montana Mulettes this year please contact Becky Knutson knute@montanamules.com


April 17-19—Small Farmers Journal Sale. Lots of horse related implements, harness, buggies, carriages, anything you can think of that your horses/mules/donkeys can pull. Madras, Oregon. 1-800-876-2893.

April 17—Salmon Select Mule Sale. Salmon, ID. Sale starts 6:00 p.m. www.salmonidaho.com/horsesale/ 208-756-2125

June 12, 13, 14, 2009 Montana Mule Days, Hamilton, MT. Over 100 classes for adults, youth and juniors. Packers Scramble, cattle events, gymkana and performance. www.montanamuledays.com 406-777-2331


Taking deposits on 2009 mule babies! We will have 5 babies for sale, a deposit or payments will hold the foal of your choice. Babies are coming from high quality mares and a very nice mammoth red roan registered jack. Katie 509-725-0779. lazyfsranch@yahoo.com

Now booking for 2009 "Coffee Hollow Expresso" Red roan mammoth jack, good looking and GREAT disposition. $450 fee. $150 booking fee included in jack fee. Katie 509-725-0779. lazyfsranch@yahoo.com

APHA B/S broodmare in foal for 2009 mule baby. Nice mare, throws great horse and mule babies! Hand breeds and pasture breeds. Due June 8th. Katie 509-725-0779. lazyfsranch@yahoo.com

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