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October 29, 2009

Longears in Action

by Diane

I'm new at your site, love hearing and seeing our "friends" doing things all over. I have been showing my donk for over a year. Last year we were AMA high point performance donkey and made it to third at Bishop (just missed reserve chamion, should have entered those other two classes!) We did win pleasure driving, and he just learned that last year. We won high point this year at Squaw Valley, Stanislaus county fair, Hayfork(Trinity county fair), and LA county fair. I am an radiology tech and as many in my field, getting hooked on photography was natural. I would like to share some of my pics with other donkey (and mule) lovers.

These are of Hayfork. The first and second (black donk) is my "Burley" riden by friend Kat Richmond



Also one of her nice yearling mule winning the halter class "R Ice Trick"


And another nice donkey doing the flag race


Posted by Guest Contributor at October 29, 2009 06:07 PM