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April 30, 2009

Rise of the Miniature Donkey

Three-feet-tall animals — and Nicole Kidman — live at Seein’ Spots Farm in Buellton.

On Baseline Avenue in Ballard, in the heart of a rural residential neighborhood, one farm is spotted with a rather special and adorable breed of donkey increasing in popularity across the country: the miniature Mediterranean donkey.

Read the rest of this story in the Santa Ynez Valley Journal

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April 28, 2009

Video: Donkeys make Weston super!

Weston wouldn't be super without its donkeys - and the public obviously agree, as they have just been voted Britain's best seaside attraction.

The familiar four-legged creatures have been pacing the seafront for more than 100 years, giving excitable young children rides and lasting memories.

Read more about the beach donkeys of Weston and watch the video about them on The Weston Mercury

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April 27, 2009

Mule on Capitol Lawn Lightens the Mood

It's not something you see everyday at the Capitol. As legislators arrived at work Thursday, they were greeted by Jesse, a mule owned by Representative Joel Boniek of Livingston.

Read more about Joel Boniek and his mule, Jesse on KFBB.com

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April 26, 2009

Mexico's beloved burros being put out to pasture

Small sanctuary rescuing fast-vanishing icons

You can hear the Burroland donkey shelter long before you see it, as the braying of jacks and jennies mixes with the mournful whistles of freight trains in this small town outside Mexico City.

Here, 20 donkeys wander behind a wire fence, munching carrots and leftover tortillas and waiting for pats on the head from the occasional tourist.

Read the rest of this story on The Arizona Republic

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April 25, 2009

Bookworm: The Donkey Who Carried the Wounded

The tragedy of Gallipoli and the story of Simpson and his Donkey have become immortilised in Australian folklore.

Conveying these strories to the next generation is not always an easy task.

From prolific Australian author Jackie French comes a new book for young readers which aims to bring the story of the courageous Jack Simpson and his trusty mate to life.

Learn more about this book on Babble Australia

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April 24, 2009

Donkey Fights Off Dog Who Was Attacking Sheep

Dotty the donkey rushed to the rescue when she saw sheep in the next field being terrorised by a Staffordshire Bull terrier cross.

The dog had grabbed one of the sheep by the head, and Dotty pinned the dog to the ground until it let go of the sheep.

Read the rest of the story on ShortNews.com

Note: It sounds like Dotty was an excellent sheep guard donkey. Some donkeys make great guardians for smaller livestock, however not all donkeys are suited to this type of work, and some will even be dangerous to smaller livestock. So if you are shopping for a livestock guard donkey, learn all you can about the donkeys you are considering buying, and make sure the one you pick out gets along well with the kind of livestock she will be living with. Mature jennet (female) donkeys tend to make better livestock guardians. Intact donkey jacks (unaltered male stud donkeys) should not be used for guarding smaller livestock.

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April 23, 2009

'Donkey' award reflects Anzac spirit

One of the most iconic symbols of Gallipoli is of a man leading a donkey along a treacherously narrow cliffside path.

The donkey bears a critically injured soldier.

It says everything.

It's basically a bloke who has chosen to ignore the risk to his own life in favour of doing everything he can to save the life of another bloke.

Read the rest of the story about the Anzac Donkey award in the Hawkes Bay Today

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April 22, 2009

Start of the donkey work for Blackpool stars

A little bit of Blackpool-style entertainment brought traditional holiday fun to Doncaster Market.

The market place may be better known for its fruit and fish than seaside rock, but visitors were delighted when the famous resort's donkeys helped to provide some Easter holiday entertainment.

Read more about Blackpool's donkeys in The Star

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April 21, 2009

40 Acres and a Mule

Historical Documents IN THE FIELD, SAVANNAH, GA., SPECIAL FIELD ORDERS, No. 15. January 16th, 1865.

Abandoned plantations and the promise of freedom draw former slaves to plant crops and create their own communities. Northern activists like Tunis Campbell arrive to offer help and a vision of black liberty. Emancipation is finally real -- until white planters return to claim their lands.

As Union soldiers advanced through the South, tens of thousands of freed slaves left their plantations to follow Union general William Tecumseh Sherman's army.

To solve problems caused by the mass of refugees, Sherman issued Special Field Orders, No. 15, a temporary plan granting each freed family forty acres of tillable land on islands and the coast of Georgia. The army had a number of unneeded mules, which were also granted to settlers.

Read the rest of this story on Jacksonville.com

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April 20, 2009

Frankfort Faces: John Conway

"John Conway measures his success in miles and gallons. He's 58 and in the business of supplying the black coating that covers long stretches of fence across the U. S."

"Humans aren't the only ones to enjoy John's fences. He's the third generation in his family to raise mules. His grandfather, Ben Conway, started by using the animals to help plant trees in the Collins Lane area in the 1960s. Two uncles, Ed and Walter Conway, cared for mules."

To read the rest of this story and watch a video about John Conway, visit The State Journal.

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April 19, 2009

Mum, this is our best holiday in donkey's years

Forget those truculent mules on Blackpool Beach, Clover Stroud finds a donkey makes the perfect companion on a family walking holiday through Spain - amusing the locals, charming the children, and always happy to carry the picnic.

It isn't yet midday, and we're only an hour north of Madrid, but the physical memory of the cheap flight at dawn from Gatwick and plastic sandwiches eaten inappropriately early is far behind us. Above I can hear a skylark screaming in the endless deep blue sky, and behind me I feel the looming presence of the white peaks of the Guadarrama mountains. Apart from the skylark, there isn't much sound. My children, unfolded but still sleepy after the flight, are quiet as they walk beside me, and all I hear is the clop-clop of a donkey's feet on the track we're following through the foothills.

Read the rest of this story on The Observer.

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April 13, 2009

Trusty Sidekick

Mule goes from 'Idol' to star on silver screen.

She's quite a talented young molly! She paints, dunks a basket ball in a hoop, and more to please the crowd.

Read this fun article and enjoy the great photos of Grace, a national champion trick mule, on the NVDaily.

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April 12, 2009

Donkey to lead chocolate-free walk

A famous donkey is to lead an Easter walk in a bid to encourage children to enjoy a chocolate-free weekend.

Six-year-old Teddy made worldwide headlines last year when he was hired to deliver shopping to residents in Chalford, Gloucestershire.

Read more on The Press Association

Or visit Teddy's online blog.

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April 10, 2009

The Donkey's Cross

For Debbie Smith, her miniature donkeys are her pets. But they also tell an Easter story.

A donkey with a cross - Photo Credit: Kristie Jorgensen

Debbie said she started buying miniature donkeys after a visit from a gentleman at her home who informed her he and his wife raised them.

Visit the Mt. Vernon Register to read more about Debbie's love for donkeys, and the legend of the donkey's cross.

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April 06, 2009

Donkey museum opens in Crimea

A donkey museum has opened on a farm in the village of Zalesnoe in the Crimea, an autonomous republic on the northern coast of the Black Sea, the Ukrainian news agency Unian reports.

Over one hundred carts, harnesses, collars, and other donkey related souvenirs are exhibited in the first ever donkey museum to open not only in the Crimea, but the entire Ukraine, the founder of the museum, owner of the Wonder donkey farm, Nikolay Pomogalov told the Unian correspondent in a telephone interview.

Read more about this exciting new museum in the MosNews.

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April 03, 2009

Mule Day Festivities Underway

One of Maury County's biggest events is underway after some of the heaviest flooding hit the area on Thursday.

To watch the video and read the rest of this news story on News Channel 5, click this link

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