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May 21, 2009

Baby mule stands just 20 inches tall

Pedro barely reaches his owners kneecaps and is believed to be one of the smallest mules ever born.

His mother, Mrs Pickles, only stands at about 30 inches tall herself, putting Pedro's tiny stature into perspective

Read more about handsome little Pedro on Telegraph.co.uk

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May 14, 2009

Lake Woman Gets a Kick Out of Donkeys

From her quiet ranch near Lake County's Sugarloaf Mountain, Sandi White is working to find homes for her pointy-eared friends.

She isn't rescuing typical pets such as dogs and cats. Instead, the 55-year-old animal lover has an established adoption center for a different four-legged critter: the donkey.

"I'm so in love with donkeys," said White, a practice manager at Lake Cardiology in Mount Dora. "They are the sweetest, most loving animals on the face of the Earth."

White operates the only donkey-adoption center in Florida as part of Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, one of the largest donkey-rescue organizations in the country.

Read the rest of this story about Sandi White and her donkey rescue in the Orlando Sentinel

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May 12, 2009

Adventures of JB, the Orphan Baby Donkey

Follow the progress and excitement of raising this spunky little fellow. He's now one week old!

May 6: Latest Update On J.B. The Baby Donkey

"All of the regular stuff is normal/progressing well: eating (nursing the bottle), peeing, and pooping, and he’s gained 2 pounds. The day was to be a day of firsts, however!"... Read more on NorthEscambia.com

May 10: JB The Donkey Mother’s Day Update
"JB here! Since it is Mother’s Day, I decided to do the news report myself . . . sorry it’s so late, but typing with one finger is mighty slow-going! Last night marked my 'first' birthday: I am officially one week old. And so far, it has been the roughest week of my life!"... Read More on NorthEscambia.com

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May 06, 2009

Man travels across country by mule

A Tennessee man is making his way across the country--at about three miles an hour. Our own Tom Johnson tracked him down to find out why he's hitting the road in a mule-drawn cart.

Grazing mules are a familiar sight across the countryside, but it's not every day that you see them driving down the highway.

One month into a cross-country journey, John McComsey is living that dream.

Read more and watch his video on KXII

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May 04, 2009

Big Ass Fans has soft spot for neglected donkeys

Big Ass Fans has gotten plenty of grief over the years for its cheeky name and less-than-reverent attitude about serious things.

The company is successful, making large fans in Lexington for facilities all over the world, but one look at the company's Web site sometimes makes it look like, well, they're just having too much tongue-in-cheek fun.

Read more about this company and what they are doing to help neglected donkeys, on Kentucky.com

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May 03, 2009

Training and Trust

Standing in an indoor, earthen corral at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds Saturday, Dan Porter's heart raced as he watched Kathy and Lawrence Van Dyke ride their equines in a small circle - Lawrence Van Dyke leading two mules.

"I just gotta go do that," Porter said, anticipating the riding and packing season that is barely getting underway.

Porter, of Belgrade, is one of about 80 members of the Gallatin Valley Back Country Horsemen, which seeks to educate and encourage safe and sustainable use of horses, particularly in the wilderness.

You may read the rest of this great story on the Bozeman Daily Chronicle

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