June 03, 2009

Surprise birth at Málaga donkey refuge

A Mother’s Day surprise for the donkey refuge in Fuente de Piedra is now one month old, a baby donkey which was born at the Refugio del Burrito on 3rd May to the surprise of staff at the centre. Her mother, Nana, a donkey who had 16 different owners before she was taken in by the centre last year, was barely able to walk when she arrived. No-one, not even the vets who attend the animals in the refuge, realised that she was pregnant.

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May 21, 2009

Baby mule stands just 20 inches tall

Pedro barely reaches his owners kneecaps and is believed to be one of the smallest mules ever born.

His mother, Mrs Pickles, only stands at about 30 inches tall herself, putting Pedro's tiny stature into perspective

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May 12, 2009

Adventures of JB, the Orphan Baby Donkey

Follow the progress and excitement of raising this spunky little fellow. He's now one week old!

May 6: Latest Update On J.B. The Baby Donkey

"All of the regular stuff is normal/progressing well: eating (nursing the bottle), peeing, and pooping, and he’s gained 2 pounds. The day was to be a day of firsts, however!"... Read more on NorthEscambia.com

May 10: JB The Donkey Mother’s Day Update
"JB here! Since it is Mother’s Day, I decided to do the news report myself . . . sorry it’s so late, but typing with one finger is mighty slow-going! Last night marked my 'first' birthday: I am officially one week old. And so far, it has been the roughest week of my life!"... Read More on NorthEscambia.com

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