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June 30, 2004

Welcome to the new

Dear Longears Lover,

KristieJorgensen.jpgWelcome to the new It has been a delightful opportunity to maintain a website that you could visit to browse Classified ads and see what new Longears offerings are available. It is a pleasure to be a contributor to the Longears community, and has given me an opportunity to build many wonderful friendships.

Over the past year I have been looking forward to providing an even better website – a website where Longears lovers everywhere can come to find not only Classifieds but a searchable master directory of Longears businesses. This past year I purchased some new software to do just that. What you see here is the result. Entries are divided into three groups, Stores, Store Listings and Classifieds.

Over the next month I will be working out the details so that you will be able to easily maintain your own Classifieds. I know many of you will especially like that feature. When that functionality is in place you will no longer need to email your classifieds to me. You will be able to upload and maintain them yourself, and quickly see the results!

There are many really neat businesses, organizations and publications that also provide a valuable contribution to the Longears community. In the past we have all had to search through numerous resources and contacts to find out what is available. It is my vision that the Stores and Store Listings sections of this website will provide you with a comprehensive “master directory” that will make it much easier to locate providers of the Longears services and goods that you are looking for.

KarenJorgensen.jpgI am very fortunate to have the help of my sister, Karen Jorgensen. While I have been busy focusing on administrative details and website programming, she has been putting in many hours entering in the data for Stores, Store Listings and Classifieds. My father, Gilbert Jorgensen, works for the State of Utah as a professional Web Application Developer, and has also been a big help with implementation details and strategic planning.

Initially we have listed over 500 Longears businesses and organizations, and provided links to most of their websites. Over the next few months we have many more Stores and Store Listings to add. If you would like to be added to the Stores, Store Listings or Classifieds categories, or would like your entries updated, please email us at Over the next few months I hope to activate additional features that will allow you to maintain your own Store, Store Listing and Classified content.

It is my plan to continue offering personal Classifieds for free. Through the end of September Stores and Store Listings will also be free. Each Store owner may place Store Listings under as many categories as they wish. Beginning October 1, I will need to charge a small amount per Store or Store Listing to support the cost of the software, website and time to maintain this site. I hope to have that amount determined by September 1. Please check back here for future updates.

In this column, "It's All Happening At The Mall ..." you will also find frequent news updates. At the end of each update is a place for you to share your comments and suggestions.

To eliminated offensive comment spam from sick people with automated spamming scripts we have been forced to turn on the ability to review comments before they are posted. We appreciate your comments and will try to review them as quickly as possible so they display.

Together we will have a "super" Longears directory; a directory where you can find anything that you are looking for. That is my dream. I am looking forward to your thoughts and ideas for ways to make our new even better!

Kristie Jorgensen

Posted by Kristie Jorgensen at June 30, 2004 08:11 PM


Keep up the good work. Looking forward to doing business with you.

Posted by: Neal Schirm at July 1, 2004 09:15 AM

THANKS, for all the work you have done.

Posted by: dan jefcoat at July 1, 2004 05:00 PM

Have been enjoying this site for some time now. One of my favorites...

Posted by: Bud at July 1, 2004 09:11 PM

I commend you for the hard work you have done. It's seldom we see someone give so generously of themselves to benefit others. Longearsmall is my favorite place to visit!

Posted by: Josie Irvine at July 3, 2004 11:24 AM