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July 06, 2004

Updated Zip Code Search

In my July 2 article I briefly discussed the zip code search feature of Stores, Store Listings and Classifieds. This new capability allows you to locate others within a certain distance of the zip code that you specify. It also shows the distance. Cool!

Here is an example:

From the main menu select "Store, Store Listings and Classifieds". Next choose one of those entries, for example, "Stores". At the upper right of each listing screen you will see a link that says "Advanced Search". Click on that to bring up a detailed Search screen. For our example let's search using a zip code of "28753" and a range of 100 miles. Your search screen should look like this:


Click the Search button and you will see entries with zip codes within 100 miles of Marshall, NC, an absolutely lovely town on the French Broad River in western North Carolina. (My father grew up there. They use mules to farm the mountain slopes with hillside plows where it is to dangerous to use tractors. Besides that, mules are good to have to pull out tractors when they get stuck!)

Important Note! If you have a Store, Store Listing or Classified that you think should come up, but doesn't, email us at orders@longearsmall.com and we will see if your zip code is entered. As soon as we activate the User Maintenance portion of this system you will be able to update your own profile and listing information.

And now (drum roll please) another picture from Bishop Mule Days. No, we don't get paid to advertise Bishop Mule Days, but we do really appreciate what they do for the longears community! We just had so much fun there, and have lots of picture to share with you.

Here is a picture from an event called "Coon Jumping".


Posted by Kristie Jorgensen at July 6, 2004 07:53 PM