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July 08, 2004

Vacation Time

That's a time we all look forward to, isn't it. And what comes to mind when we think of going on vacation? A calendar, of course! A Longears Calendar, to be specific.

One of the most requested features for the new Longears Mall has been a calendar. Thank you so much for your comments here, and many emails and suggestions to orders@longearsmall.com!

We did quite a bit of research looking for a full-feature calendar that would support a checklist of important features. One of the most important is the ability to search by location.

After significant evaluation we selected a very nice product called BosDates Lite. My father, Gilbert, already has a lot of experience with its "big brother", BosDates, and we didn't need cascading public/private calendars and all those extra features that you would use in a large organization. BosDates Lite looked perfect to us.

Last night my dad installed it on LongearsMall.com. You will notice the new Calendar selection on the main menu bar.


If you go to the September calendar page you will see an entry September 10-12 for Hells Canyon Mule Days in Enterprise, Oregon. Neat, isn't it!

We can also use the calendar Search function to search on a number of attributes.


When we click on Search we get this screen.


Over the next week we plan to add the many events that we have been receiving information about. If you have an event of general interest that you would like to have included, email it to orders@longearsmall.com and I will try to be sure to include it. The type of events to list here are shows, community-oriented activities, trail rides, clinics and related educational events.

An example of the type of information that I need is shown in this event listing for Hells Canyon Mule Days.


We need:
1. Title
2. Dates
3. Time (if applicable)
4. Location
5. Contact
6. Email address
7. Link (Internet address to a web page if you have one.)
8. Description of event

Well, that's enough for today. Have fun with your Longears!

Kristie Jorgensen

Posted by Kristie Jorgensen at July 8, 2004 09:42 AM