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July 25, 2004

Welcome, Steve Edwards!

Steve_Buddy_Oval11.pngSteve Edwards, owner of Queen Valley Mule Ranch, is starting a new column here in the News and Articles section of the Longears Mall where he will be sharing with you many "tricks of the trade".

When I first attended one of Steve Edwards' clinics at Bishop Mule Days, I immediately knew that I was in for a treat!

A new mule owner at Bishop Mule Days had just brought her freshly acquired mule to one of Steve's clinics for a demonstration. It was a beautiful mule, but one that was obviously in charge of its owner. And its mind was on the nice green grass at Steve's feet -- any thing but obeying its new owner.

Bishop Mule Days is a circus anyway, but this was really a circus. It looked like the owner and her mule were doing a new kind of dance. It was a good thing the poor lady was not on water skis! On second thought, perhaps she could have competed with the Chariot Races.

The bleachers by Steve's highly anticipated demonstration were full. In fact, I remember that they had to slide some more over. We all sat on the "safe" side of the fence. Steve, the owner and her mule were on the other side.

As the crowd watched with an air of suspense, she turned her mule over to Steve. You should have been there. Somehow that mule knew his playtime was over. Within fifteen minutes Steve was doing all kinds of commands with that mule. No harsh behavior. Just firmness. The mule clearly knew who was boss. Impressive!

Steve is good! How good? A Google search for "Steve Edwards mule" brings up 14,900 pages.


We are very fortunate to be the beneficiaries of his experience and talent. His articles are excellent.

I can't wait. Take it away, Steve! Let the music begin!

Kristie Jorgensen

Posted by Kristie Jorgensen at July 25, 2004 05:47 PM