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July 22, 2004

Welcoming all equine enthusiasts!

KristieJorgensen.jpgIt is always a pleasure when our good friends in the horse industry stop by to visit the Longears Mall.

Wow! I was quite impressed by the number of visitors one of our classifieds got yesterday from a post over at Stable Minds, a web site for equine enthusiasts.

I knew that a lot of people are visiting the Longears Mall. We use some really cool software called AWStats that gives us a wealth of valuable information on unique visitors, number of visits, pages accessed, hits (by day, month, year), by IP address, country, search engines, visit duration, specific pages accessed, operating systems, browser types, links on other people's websites that refer to the Longears Mall, and a host of other neat statistics and graphs.

Here are just a couple of fascinating numbers. Last month LongearsMall.com had 2,160 unique visitors that have made 28,870 page requests. They generated 302,629 hits, a browser request for a graphic, page, etc. Just since we introduced the new LongearsMall.com, in the first 21 days of July we have had 1,793 unique visitors that have made 25,616 page requests and generated 267,969 hits. We also have 14 different search engines that have visited LongearsMall.com during July. Not too bad!

Back to my story. A lady by the name of Cheryl posted a link in the Stable Minds forum, back to a really great Longears Mall classified ad for 'Golda My Ear' - a 6 year old Gaited Palomino Molly Mule owned by Mariann of the Mockingbird Mule and Donkey Company. Here is what the ad looks like.


While looking at yesterday's AWStats report of links on other people's websites that refer to the Longears Mall, I saw Cheryl's link from her Stable Minds post referencing Mockingbird Mule and Donkey Company's classified show up near the top of the list. Isn't the Internet fun!

Have a great day,

Kristie Jorgensen

Posted by Kristie Jorgensen at July 22, 2004 07:43 AM