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July 03, 2004

Where's Video Mike?

I thought this title would get your attention. There is a really neat guy that takes great video recordings at Bishop Mule Days. His name is "Video Mike" Kerson. He has done instructional videos with Jerry Tindell, Lesley Neuman and Crystal Ward.

Now to the fun part. At Bishop Mule Days on Sunday afternoon they do the Pack Scramble. That's an exciting event where they bring all the pack teams into the arena, take off all their tack and equipment, and turn the horses and mules loose together. A lot of the mules take this opportunity to roll in the nice dust of the arena.

A few additional incentives like a starter pistol help to get them going good. After a little bit it looks like a giant blender full of revolving mules. In this photo the announcer has just started the clock, and each of the pack teams is trying to find and pack their mules. Most of the longears are doing what is shown in the photo below.


Well, Mike was right in the middle doing his video thing. Look in the upper right. You will see two people standing in front of the Dodge sign. They are actually part of the way into the arena. Pack groups are all the way around the outside edge of the arena. The person on the right is Video Mike. His vision is limited to what he sees through his big video camera. The lady in the blue shirt to the left is his bodyguard. She is suppose to quickly pull him out of harms way if a mule is coming. So if you are looking for excitement, here it is. Ask Video Mike if you can apply for the job this next year.

Posted by Kristie Jorgensen at July 3, 2004 10:13 PM