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December 31, 2004

My Donkeys' New Winter Coats

Here is a funny story that I thought you might enjoy reading. Two years ago my local tack store was having a sale on their horse blankets, so I bought several nice new winter horse blankets for my donkeys.

They don't really need them in the winter with their thick fuzzy coats, but with the cold weather (snow) at Montana Mule Days the summer before, I thought it would be a good thing to have on hand incase we found ourselves in a situation like that again where the donkeys are already clipped or shed out and need some extra warmth and protection from the weather.

I brought the new blankets home and took one out to try on my big girls. I tried it on Lily first, and she sort of just stood there and tolerated it. I don't know that she really enjoyed it, but she is a patient girl, and will put up with almost anything I ask her to do.

After fitting the horse blanket on Lily, I took it into Pansy and Smokey's pen, and showed it to them. They both had a chance to sniff it. Traditionally Pansy has been less likely to be scared of new things than Smokey, so I thought I'd put the blanket on her first. Pansy wasn't to sure about that, but I took my time, and quietly spred the blanket out on her back, and buckled the buckles without much fuss. Then I wanted her to try walking around with it on a little bit to get used to the sound and feel of it, and see what she'd do.

I walked to the middle of their field with Smokey following right along beside me. Then I stopped and looked back at Pansy. What a sight! She was still standing where I left her, with this pitiful look of distain on her face. She looked like she was thinking "Mom, do I have to wear this thing?!? It's ugly, and feels weird! All the other donkeys are going to laugh at me if I have to wear this thing!!"

smokey01.jpg I finally convenced her that she could still walk with it on. So she started gingerly walking toward me like "Mom, these clothes don't fit, and I just don't look good in this style! Do I have to wear this thing? What ever made you think I'd look good in something like this!!" It reminded me so much of some teenagers complaining about their clothing choices. Pansy was the youngest of these three jennets, and was about 3 1/2 yrs old at the time. She was in the "teenage" phase of donkey development, so it fit perfectly! She looked so funny I just had to laugh at her!

Next I took the blanked off of Pansy and put it on Smokey, who had been trying desparately to get some attention. Smokey loved the blanket, and was eager to do whatever I wanted her to do with it on! We walked and ran around the pasture, and she wasn't scared of it at all even with it flapping on her legs and the buckles clanking when she ran. I took it off and she was ready to sniff it and have it put back on! If she could talk, she probably would have said something like "Oh mom, this is the most gorgeous dress! I just love it! Don't I look so beautiful in it?"

Donkeys sure do have character, don't they!

Have a great day!

Kristie Jorgensen

Posted by Kristie Jorgensen at December 31, 2004 04:29 PM