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December 05, 2004

New LongearsMall Forums

I really appreciate all the good comments and suggestions for ways to make LongearsMall.com an even better place to visit. A number of you have ask for a LongearsMall.com Forum section. Recently I purchased the industry-leading Invision Power Board Forums package. It is now set up for your enjoyment. You can access it at LongearsMall.com by selecting Forums from the main menu.

When you access the LongearsMall.com Forums you will see "Welcome Guest ( Log In | Register )" in the upper left corner of your web page. You can read all of the posts as a Guest. If you would like to contribute new questions, or respond to existing questions, just click "Register" to create a login. You can immediately log in and start posting to the forums.

The Forums login and password is maintained independently from the login and password for maintaining Store and Classified listings. You can make them the same if you would like.

Here are the headings we currently have for the LongearsMall.com Forums:

LongearsMall.com Announcements
- News and Updates
- User Feedback

- Mules
- Miniature Donkeys
- Standard Donkeys
- Mammoth Jackstock
- Rescue
- Other

- Facilities
- Medical
- Buying and Selling Issues
- Transport
- Other

- Stud Care
- Jennet / Mare Care
- Breeding
- Foaling
- Foal Care and Raising
- Other

- Ground Work
- Riding
- Driving
- Packing
- Showing
- Other

- Shows
- Trail Rides
- Other

Crafts and Collectibles
- Crafts
- Collectibles
- Other

Thank you for helping to make LongearsMall.com a great place to visit and share ideas!

Kristie Jorgensen

Posted by Kristie Jorgensen at December 5, 2004 07:06 PM