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March 10, 2005

Treat of the Week - Super Supper

When you want to make your donkey or mule's regular supper into a super supper, here is how you do it!


Super Supper

1/2 Cup Dried Beet Pulp (available from your feed store)
1 Cup Hot Water
1 Cup Whole Oats
1 Carrot
1 Orange

Place water and dried beet pulp in a feed pan, and allow to soak for approximately 15 minutes or until the beet pulp has absorbed most of the water. Slice or dice the carrot and orange up into little bite size bits. Thoroughly mix the whole oats and carrot and orange bits into the soaked beet pulp. Make sure the water and beet pulp has cooled before feeding the mix to your donkey or mule.

What did my donkeys think? Gourmet deluxe! They were more than eager to help me with this treat, and Elsie even brayed for more when it was all gone!

Posted by Kristie Jorgensen at March 10, 2005 05:32 AM