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April 25, 2005

Clipping Your Donkey for Show - Part 5

If you followed the steps in my last article in this series, your donkey should be clipped pretty nicely on his body, tummy and neck (but not mane), and you should be ready to proceed on to some of the trickier areas.


The next part I like to do is my donkey's legs. Some donkeys are more sensitive about having their legs clipped than others. You will want to pay attention to your donkey's reaction and clip accordingly. You can start by clipping up your donkey's front legs from just above his knees up to his shoulder (or wherever you have already clipped). If your donkey will allow you to clip his lower front legs, you may find it easier to start down near the top of the hoof, and work your way all the way up his leg instead of doing it in two steps. Usually my donkeys are a little more sensitive around their knees, and I just have to take it slow over that area. Once my donkey's front legs are clipped all the way around, I pick up their foot, so that I can clip around their ankle better, and smooth things out there. Repeat this process with the other front foot.

Then you can go to clipping your donkey's back legs. Be sure to stand in a safe place incase your donkey gets nervous and kicks. I like to start right above the donkey's hock, and clip a track straight up the back of his leg to his hip. Then I clip tracks along side that one, working my way around the leg - clipping the whole outside hip and leg above the hock. Then carefully clip the inside back of the leg working your way around to your donkey's tail (hold his tail out of the way, so you don't clip it, too).

If your donkey is still standing nicely, and will allow you to clip his lower back legs, you can continue on to that step. One of my donkeys is a little more sensitive on his legs, and prefers that I not clip his lower back legs. His lower legs are not too hairy, so I usually just taper the hair length off so that it gradually transitions from unclipped to clipped and doesn't look uneven.

If your donkey will allow you to clip his back legs, here are the steps I would use. I am right handed, and like to rest my left hand on my donkey's hock. I stand in close to my donkey's side, and press down gently on his hock. This makes it harder for him to kick me without me having time to react and stay out of harms way. While my left hand is resting on top of his hock, I clip his lower back legs. Start with a path from his hoof, up the center front of his back leg. Then clip tracks next to both sides of that one working your way around the leg. Carefully clip around his ankles. Now his back legs should be about done!

Next time we'll talk about clipping your donkey's mane and tail.

Kristie Jorgensen

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Posted by Kristie Jorgensen at April 25, 2005 10:01 PM