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April 26, 2005

Donkey Clipping Photos

As I promised, here are pictures of the first steps to clipping your donkey. These pictures go along with the steps described in my article "Clipping Your Donkey for Show - Part 4". Please refer back to that article for a detailed description of the steps.

While the clippers are running, I rub the clipper handle back and forth on my donkey's shoulder and back to get him accustom to the feel of the vibrating motor.


Then I start clipping right above the tail, moving against the direction that the hair lies.


I let the clippers glide through the fur slowly, flipping away the excess cut hair with a flip of my wrist.


Then I continue my first path partway up my donkey's back.


Once I have the first path started, I go back to working across the hip - always clipping against the direction that the hair grows.


As you can see, even though I tried to keep Andy clean, and brushed him good before I started clipping, there is still a lot of dust hidden down deep in his fur. It is ideal to give your donkey a bath and tie him up to dry (but still stay clean), before you clip him. This will make your clipping job go faster, and will help your blades stay sharp longer. But the weather here was too cold to give baths today, and I really needed to get Andy clipped.

You may notice in several of the pictures that Andy is missing patches of hair in different places along his neck and sides. Somehow this time of year one or more of my donkeys must get extra rambunctious, and pull mouthfuls of hair out of the others during their play games. I have tried hard to keep Andy away from the jennet that I think is doing it, until I had a chance to clip his fur shorter. But somehow she got to him this last weekend (maybe through the fence) and pulled out a few mouthfuls of his fur. So I had no choice but to clip him before she totally ruined his coat.



Andy did pretty good standing still while I clipped his first side, but I had to call in my helpers to feed him grass and treats while I finished clipping his other side. He was getting bored.




Here is what Andy's coat looked like after I had finished the first side of his body and neck. I left his tummy for later because it was kind of dirty. And I'll do his head, legs, mane and tail later. Don't you love that shine to his coat, even though it is still a bit dusty?



Kristie Jorgensen

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Posted by Kristie Jorgensen at April 26, 2005 10:54 PM