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April 12, 2005

Scam Alert

There are a number of Internet buying scams that are circulating around. I think it's time to remind everyone again that they need to watch out for these kind of offers.

Some of you have probably heard about the scammers on the Internet who offer to buy equines, tack & other expensive equipment with a cashiers check and odd arrangements. But for those of you who have not, here is some good information to be aware of.

If you receive an email like the one below, please delete it. Most often these "buyers" ask to send you a *fake* certified check or money order for an amount that is quite a bit more than the amount you are asking for the things they want to buy. Then they want you to send them (or someone else) a refund for the overpayment.

Here is an example of one such email that has been going around recently:

Good day,

Im Fredrick Herbert. There is a request for Three of our Mules by a Dr. Joe Maxwell from ID. He is presently on a vacation to Africa with his family, and shortly he will be back here in the states.

Unfortunately, we have got only Two and iam hoping i could get the Third one from you. I got your ads from the webpage "www.longearsmall.com and i am very interested in purchasing the Third Mule from you.

I would need your PAYMENT INFORMATION ie.
and PHONE# ???

I will intruct him to send the funds in your name, ie. your money together with mine as i will be out of town for my father's funeral arrangement and will not be able to collect and handle it until i am back.

Looking forward to doing business with you.

Attache any Available Pics for me to view.

It is a good practice to be sure you do your homework when buying or selling your donkeys and mules. Find out about the person you are buying from or selling to, their equine experience and resources, and what they hope to do with the animals they're buying. Most buyers and sellers are good honest people and are happy to talk with you and answer your questions, but if their story sounds fishy like this scammer, please be careful!

Kristie Jorgensen

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Posted by Kristie Jorgensen at April 12, 2005 09:41 PM