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April 21, 2005

Treat of the Week - Longears Trail Mix

When you go trail riding, I imagine you like to take some snacks along to enjoy later. Here is a dry snack you can take for your equine buddy.

Longears Trail Mix

You will need several of your critter's favorite fruits and veggies. You might try apples, carrots, oranges, melon or pear. Slice the fruits in slices about 1/4 inch thick. Then place them in a food dehydrator until they have turned into nice chewy dried fruit. Mix several fruits together to create your own flavor mix. You can also add a small amount of whole oats to your Longears Trail Mix.

Next time when you pack your saddlebags for another deep woods adventure, don't forget to put in a baggie of your Longears Trail Mix, as well as a snack for yourself! Your donkey or mule will be grateful for a small well-deserved treat at the end of a long ride. Just feed him a small amount at a time and remember what is appropriate for his individual diet.

My fruits and veggies aren't dry yet, but I'll get a picture of them for you in a few days when they are done!

Kristie Jorgensen

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Posted by Kristie Jorgensen at April 21, 2005 10:46 PM