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April 20, 2005

Trick Question

How many two-mule teams hitched to their wagons can you fit in the Bishop Mule Days arena at one time?

In 2003 we had the awesome experience of seeing a large number of two-up teams participating together in the 2 Mule Hitch Class. There were a total of 26 teams entered in this class, so the Mule Days staff had to divide them up into 3 sections. Before the final judging, they brought all the 2 mule teams back into the arena to line up for the audience.

I think there were a few teams that had decided to scratch that class, but with all the teams that were left, they filled the arena when they were lined up side by side.

Here are 14 of the teams. What a lot of mule power!


Here is another picture of some of the teams driving around the arena while others waited in the middle.


And here is one of my favorites! The owners of this team camped right across from us during Mule Days. They were from Copper Windmill Ranch. I was really fascinated by this wagon that they brought. I believe they said it is a replica of a 100-year-old wagon. It has so many handy compartments for storing things. I can see how something like this would have been very nice for people traveling or moving long distances by wagon. They won 1st place for their wagon entry in the Bishop Mule Days parade, too.


This year Bishop Mule Days is offering quite a few different driving classes. They are:

Tuesday Morning Show:
Donkey Gambler's Choice - Single Donkey
Gambler's Choice - Single Mule
Timed Obstacles - Single Mule

Tuesday Afternoon Show:
Donkey Pleasure Driving - Working - Single Donkey
Pleasure Driving - Working - Single Mule
Ride & Drive - Pleasure Type
2 Mule Hitch Class

Thursday Morning Show:
4 Mule Hitch Class
6 Mule Hitch Class

Friday Morning Show:
Farm Class
Gambler's Choice - Teams

Friday Evening Show:
Americana Class
Gambler's Choice - Single Mule

Come join us in enjoying these great events!

Kristie Jorgensen

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Posted by Kristie Jorgensen at April 20, 2005 09:42 PM