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September 16, 2006

How Shall We Haul Hay Today?

While we're on the subject of donkey feed and hay, I thought you'd enjoy this story!

While I was going through my files looking for a couple other pictures, I found a photo that I thought you would get a kick out of!

Years ago when we got our first donkey we didn't need much hay for her, so we just bought a few bales at a time from a local hay dealer or hay farmer and brought them home in our little utility trailer. Then I started adding to my donkey collection, and soon I started needing more hay than we could efficiently haul in the little utility trailer. We liked the cheap price we were paying to buy grass hay out of the field from the farmers, but we needed something bigger to haul it in.

So we got a U-Haul truck. I think the first year we did that, we rented one of their largest trucks and an open top trailer. I think we made two trips with that. It was a lot of work picking up all the bales by hand and carrying them to the truck.

The following year I had more donkeys, and we didn't want to make two trips to get the hay, so we rented 3 of U-Haul's largest moving trucks, 2 of their open top trailers, and a BobCat (to move the bales from around the field to the trucks)! This photo shows two of the trucks and their trailers lined up in our driveway. lol! It looks like a hay delivery caravan!


Once we got them home, we unloaded all the hay and stacked it in our barn. The funny thing was that we had to call out the U-Haul repair man to fix something on one of the trucks after we got them back home full of hay. The truck that needed repairs was in the front of the line, which meant that it was farthest from the road. But it couldn't have been more than 300 feet down the drive off of the main road. When the repair man came out he was complaining about how far off the road the truck was!

Soon after that I decided it was too much work picking up all my hay out of the farmers fields, so I just had hay delivered to the farm for a couple years, and then I found a good hay dealer that keeps lots of good grass hay year round in large barns where I can just go down every couple months and fill my horse trailer with hay. We've been getting hay from him since then.

I thought you'd enjoy that story.

Kristie Jorgensen

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Posted by Kristie Jorgensen at September 16, 2006 09:59 PM