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January 24, 2007

And Here Come The Teams!

KristieJorgensen.jpgNow are you ready for the fun part? This was one of my favorite classes at Montana Mule Days!

Here's a video clip of Lily and Andy doing the Team Donkey Log Pulling at Montana Mule Days 2006.

Some of you may remember I just started this team driving last winter. Lily had hoof problems off and on for about a year or so prior to that, and the way I found the modivation to keep on top of her extra hoof care and put the necessary effort into getting her sound again was to order a set of team harnesses and set a goal to train her and Andy to drive as a team. I'd always had a dream of putting the two of them together as a team, but hadn't ever gotten started.

Lily had never been driven before, and I'd never driven a team, only singles, prior to starting this team last winter. But I threw all my enthusiasm into it, and we reached our goal - with the help of my wonderful riding instructor (and extra helper wherever needed)!

When I found out they were adding a new 2-up donkey hitch class at Bishop in 2006, I ordered the work harnesses, and got started - with the goal in mind of showing them as a team in the summer of 2006. We achieved our goal! I drove them in the 2-up donkey hitch class at Bishop, and then we did the team donkey log pulling at Montana. What a rush! I have to say there's nothing quite like driving a team - it's really addicting!

In this team log pulling class, there were two entries - us and another very experienced team. The judge had us stop part way through to fix a trace chain that had somehow dropped off of the singletree, but I wasn't too worried about the delay because I knew we were just out there for the fun of it and would be slower than the seasoned team anyway. I was really proud of my team and how well they worked together!

And I have to say a big "Thanks!" to Kristi Kingma (teamdonk.org) for helping be my team header while we were hitching up!

So for those of you out there waiting to start something new with your donks, go ahead and go for it! Find a good trainer or helper if you can and learn as much as you can so you don't get into too much trouble, but at least get in there and get started. You can do it!

Kristie Jorgensen

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Posted by Kristie Jorgensen at January 24, 2007 08:04 PM