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August 30, 2007

Montana Mule Days - Part 2

Montana Mule Days is a busy show with over 130 classes in 3 days. Here are some more of the other events we enjoyed on Friday.

Halter classes finished up the morning. I showed my yearling jennet, Sagebrush Rooster's Star, in the Mammoth Jennet Halter class. We had never even practiced the halter pattern with her at home, so she was a bit distracted and wiggly, but I was very proud of her confidently leaving her other buddies and going happily with me in the show ring for her first time!

After Star's halter class, I took her back to her pen, and then got my camera to take photos of some of the other halter classes. Here are the gelding and jack halter classes.

Mammoth Gelding Halter





Championship Gelding Halter


Mammoth Jack Halter



Miniature and Standard Jack Halter


Championship Donkey Halter


Friday afternoon I rode my gelding, Sagebrush Oklahoma Andy, in the Donkey Western Pleasure class. This was his first time doing a walk/trot/canter Western Pleasure class. He's only been in western pleasure one time before, and that time was Green Western Pleasure, and they didn't ask us to canter in that one. I was concerned before his Western Pleasure class that he wouldn't want to canter long enough for me, but I still wanted to do it for his experience. We got into the arena with 7 other donkeys, and Andy performed beautifully for me. He picked up each gait when I asked for it, and held the canter until I asked him to come back down. Good boy! And we took 1st place!

I also rode my jennet, Sagebrush Desert Delight (aka Lily), in the Donkey Flag Race where she did a flawless run and placed 1st.

Later in the afternoon they had Keyhole, along with a number of other classes. Here are a couple photos that I got of the Junior Donkey Keyhole. This young man was quite busy all weekend showing mules and donkeys in a lot of classes! And he did quite well too.



Then we stopped for a quick dinner break, then headed back to the arena for one of my favorite events at Montana Mule Days - Log Pulling! There were 13 donkeys in the Single Donkey Log Pulling and 4 teams in the Donkey Team Log Pulling. That was quite impressive! I did Single Log Pulling with both Andy and Lily. Both did well. Andy placed 4th, and Lily didn't place. With so many donkeys, we had some stiff competition.

I also drove Andy and Lily together in the Donkey Team Log Pulling. They placed 3rd out of 4 teams.

Here are a few photos graciously provided by Laurie Morgan. The first is of Lily doing Single Donkey Log Pulling. The others are of my team.





Next article I'll have more photos from the show!

Kristie Jorgensen

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Posted by Kristie Jorgensen at August 30, 2007 12:50 PM