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May 29, 2008

Bishop Mule Days Report

Wow! Like they say, time flies by when you are having fun! If you missed Bishop Mule Days this year, you missed a great show.

The crowds were a bit smaller this year, and there were about 10% less animals competing. But that helped the events move along faster.

And the temperatures were great! It wasn't too cold at night, but also stayed nice and cool during the daytime. Usually it is very hot during the day. It was very windy one or two of the days, and I would have enjoyed those days better without the wind, but the rest of the week was lovely.

The show started off bright and early Tuesday morning with driving classes. My gelding, Andy, competed in Donkey Pleasure Driving and placed 4th. Then in the afternoon they had English and Hunter Hack classes.

Here is Little Brother Brewster winning first place in the English Pleasure Mule class.


They also added a new Donkey Hunter Under Saddle class this year, for those who like to ride their donkeys English style.



On Wednesday it was very windy all day. They had jumping classes in the morning, and more driving events in the afternoon. I drove Andy in Donkey Gamblers Choice Driving where he placed 4th again. He was a very good boy, in spite of the wind.

Thursday was still a little windy, though not quite so bad. Thursday they had more driving events, dressage, some trail classes, and some halter classes. I showed my gelding, White Knight, in the Donkey 3yr old & Up halter class. Knight was very well behaved for me, but the judge didn't place us.

Friday was a busy day. There was Reining, Roping, Western Riding, Barrel Racing, Keyhole, Pollbending, and more. They added a new Donkey Reining class this year. That was fun to watch. Maybe next year one of my donkeys will be ready to compete in it. My gelding, White Knight, placed 10th in the Donkey Barrel Race. I rode my other gelding, Andy, in Donkey Western Pleasure, but he didn't place. Little Brother Brewser won first place Western Pleasure Mule, Western Riding Mule, and Western Stakes on Friday. He really did well this year!

I missed most of the events on Saturday.

Sunday was full of fun events - cow working, log skidding, trail, pack team events, and more. I rode Andy in Donkey Trail, where we placed 7th.

Then came the long drive back home.

We sure did enjoy seeing those of you who came by and said Hi! And if you didn't get a chance to come, you'll have to start planning for next year.

For a full report on the placings, visit the Mule Days website at http://muledays.org It looks like they don't have the 2008 results posted quite yet, but I'm sure they will soon.

Kristie Jorgensen

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Posted by Kristie Jorgensen at May 29, 2008 04:06 PM