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June 22, 2008

Easy Pedigree Charts

Now you can view your donkey's pedigree chart, link to it from your own website and print copies for your customers! All on Longears Mall.

If you haven't visited Longears Mall in a while, you may notice a new addition to our website - The Donkey Tree. The Donkey Tree is a database of donkey pedigree information. It was maintained by Pat Scanlan for many years. In 2007, we worked with Pat to upgrade the Donkey Tree to run on new web-based software on Longears Mall. With that upgrade, you can now view and search the Donkey Tree, and print reports online!

Here is one of the features that I am really excited about. It is now very easy to generate pedigree charts for any of the donkeys in the Donkey Tree. Start by searching for the donkey:

1. Go to http://donkeytree.com


2. Then enter the donkey's name (or part of it's name) in the appropriate search field, and click the Search button.


3. The search will return a list of donkeys that match your search. Click a donkey's name to view that donkey's information.


Now you will see a box on the right side with "Options for Individual".

There are several types of pedigree charts available on the website. To view the first, put your mouse curser over "Charts" under "Options for Individual", and then click on the "Pedigree" option that displays below it. This will take you to a pedigree chart for that donkey. It looks like this:


This chart shows basic information (name, birth date & place, color, height, registration numbers) as well as photos for 4 generations of donkeys in this donkey's pedigree.


Now all you have to do to show your donkey's pedigree from your farm website is to link to the Donkey Tree pedigree chart for your donkey. Then your website visitors can simply click on the link, and see this chart for your donkey!


You may also want to be able to print a nicely formatted pedigree chart to put in your donkey's records or give to a new buyer. Here's how to do that. From your donkey's information screen, put your mouse curser over the "Reports" option under "Options for Individual". When the "Reports" menu drops down, choose one of the two Pedigree options.


Then on the next screen, click the "Download Report" button.


This will generate a PDF file of this donkey's pedigree chart. These pedigree chart reports are formatted for printing.


You will need Adobe Reader to view the PDF files. Adobe Reader comes on most computers, but if you don't have it yet, it can be downloaded for free from http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

So now with these simple steps, you can not only view your donkey's pedigree chart, but can also easily link to it from your own website and print copies for your customers!

If your donkey is not in the Donkey Tree database yet, please submit it's information through the form on our website, so that we can add it.

Kristie Jorgensen

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June 16, 2008

The Secret Answer to Hoof Soaking Nightmares

Here is a must-have item for your equine medical box!

Davis Boot Horse Hoof Treatment Boots

If you have ever had to soak one of your donkey or mule's hooves in a bucket or pan, you know what a nightmare it can be! If you are lucky enough to get that hoof into the bucket of water without a rodeo, you know it probably won't be more than 3 seconds before that hoof is out of the bucket again or the bucket is tipped over and spilled across the floor. How frustrating!

Several years ago I bought a Davis Boot Horse Hoof Treatment Boot, and I would never again try to treat hoof abscesses or soak a hoof without one of these. I highly recommend them. They are worth every penny of the $30 or so that you will spend on one.


I'd recommend you measure your donkey's hooves before going to buy one, and make sure you get one big enough to fit your donkey's hoof into the top of the boot.

I believe my Davis Boot is a size 2. It fits onto all of my mammoth donkeys' hooves. It has a big enough opening to get their hoof in without too much fuss. The boot fits very loose around their hoof once their hoof is inside.

Once their hoof is inside the boot, simply pull the nylon strap tight around the top. This holds the top shut enough so the boot won't slide off, but make sure it's not so tight it is uncomfortable around their ankle.

Once the boot is on and strap tight, just pour your Epson Salt water or hoof soak into the top of the boot. Your donkey may shake her foot around a few times at first, but will soon figure out that the boot still stays on, and will settle down. This is a good time to feed your donkey while they are standing still for their soak. Stay with your donkey while the boot is on so that you can straighten it if your donkey tries to walk, and the boot turns around crooked.

I don't use the Therapeutic Pads that are advertised with these boots. My boot just has rubber in the bottom. This makes it easy to clean after each use.

Get one of these boots, and next time you have to soak a hoof, you won't have to dread it!

Kristie Jorgensen

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