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October 26, 2008

In a Donkey's World - Oct. 26, 2008

Miss V. is one of those "8 going on 18 yr olds" - a donkey with big ambitions, and a little impatient to reach them.

She is young yet, and should be enjoying the simple games and happy play of childhood. But she's not satisfied to just enjoy her life of relative ease and simplicity that children are blessed with. Instead she is always comparing herself with her adopted "big sister" and role model, Star.

Miss V. (far right) coming in for some attention.

Star is a "teenager" in donkey years, and a very good teenager, I might add. She's the kind of teenager that every parent hopes their child will be. She stays out of trouble, loves school, makes good grades, and has everything going for a great life ahead of her.

Star (middle) running to make sure she doesn't miss out.

Miss V. is very jealous that Star gets to go to donkey highschool this year, and if I understood her correctly, I think Miss V. was trying to tell me today that she should be enrolled in highschool, too, though the enrollment office won't accept donkeys that young. She thinks that is just plain silly! Oh why can't these kids just be happy to be kids for a little longer? Do they all have to grow up so fast? LOL. At least Miss V. admires Star's love for academics, and if she continues to follow in Star's hoof steps, she'll be on her way to a great career too someday.

Star: "So can we do school today?" (Miss V. watching from behind)

But today was the weekend - time for recreation and relaxing family time. As Bentley would say, "a time for donkey hugs and ear rubs".

Bentley giving his sage advice

And so it was, when I went out to visit their donkeydom. Everyone came and gathered 'round. Each looking for their hug, pat on the shoulder, or scratch under the chin. Each with warm loving eyes inviting me to join their circle and bask in the warmth of love and the fall sunshine. To take a few minutes to enjoy the beauty around us, the fall colors, the fresh breeze blowing by. And to invite you to join us in enjoying the beauty of the day!





Kristie Jorgensen

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Posted by Kristie Jorgensen at October 26, 2008 06:20 PM