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March 17, 2009

Gestation Time for Mule and Donkey Foals

So your mare or jennet is bred to the best jack around, and you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of that precious baby soon. Momma's belly is getting as wide as a barge. But when will she have her baby?

If you know the date your mare or jennet was bred, it's a little easier to calculate. Mares have an average gestation time of 340 days or approximately 11 months, though some people have reported that when a mare is carrying a mule foal she may go a week or two longer.

Mare with rare twin mule foals

Here is a handy charge for calculating when your mare should be due:

Horse Mare Gestation Calculation Chart

Date BredDate Due
(Next Year)
 Date BredDate Due
January 1December 6 July 9June 13
January 10December 15July 18June 22
January 19December 24July 27July 1
January 28January 2August 5July 10
February 6January 11August 14July 19
February 15January 20August 23July 28
February 24January 29September 1August 6
March 5February 7September 10August 15
March 14February 16September 19August 24
March 23February 25September 27September 1
April 1March 6October 4September 8
April 10March 15October 9September 13
April 19March 24October 16September 20
April 28April 2October 25September 29
May 7April 11November 3October 8
May 16April 20November 12October 17
May 25April 29November 21October 26
June 3May 8November 30November 4
June 12May 17December 9November 13
June 21May 26December 18November 22
June 30June 4December 27December 1

Pregnant donkey jennet

Donkey jennets have an average gestation of 365 days or 12 months, though there have been occasional cases of a donkey giving birth to a healthy foal as early as 10 1/2 months or as late as 14 1/2 months from her last breeding date. That makes it easy to calculate the jennet's due date - just write down what date she was bred, then look for a new baby the same time next year (give or take a week or two).

If your mare or jennet goes more than 2 or 3 weeks overdue, it is good to consult your vet, and maybe have him check her to make sure things are still going as they should.

And always keep a close eye on them when they are nearing their due date. If at all possible, you want to be able to monitor the mare or jennet when she goes into labor, so that you can get help fast if she has complications and needs assistance to get her baby out.

Donkey jennet bonding with her newborn foal

Kristie Jorgensen

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