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May 24, 2009

Bishop Mule Days - May 24, 2009

Sunday - The final day of Mule Days.

Wow, it's hard to believe the week has gone by so fast! I hope you have enjoyed this show as much as I have. Here are some of the highlights from Sunday's show.

The morning started off at 8:00am. There was Cow Cutting, Cattle Sorting, Log Skidding and Weight Pulling in the main arena. At the same time Mule Halter classes were taking place in the East Arena 1. In East Arena 2, the farriers were busy at work competing in Eagle Eye Shoeing, Quality Mule Shoeing, and Forging Contests.

If you desired to, you could also attend Cowboy Church in the auditorium on the fair grounds at 10am.

Then we had a quick break for lunch, and started back again at 1:30pm. The afternoon classes in the Main Arena included Hidden Creeks Ranch Jumper Classic, 400 Yard Western Race, Youth Box Hitch, 4-Up Mule Hitch Class, Youth Costume Class, World Champion Diamond Hitch Contest, Priefert Team Roman Riding, Chariot Straight Away Races, Mule Keyhole Finals, Team Packing Contest, Borax 20 Mule Team, Team Roping Finals, Dolly Parton Race, and Team Packing Scramble. In the East Arenas there was Bridled Mule Trail and Donkey Trail classes.

I showed my gelding, White Knight, under saddle in Donkey Trail. He did very well considering this was his first time in a trail class. He went through the gate like a pro, side passed along the log very nicely, trotted through the cones then backed around them beautifully. He just needed a little more control in his lope. But not to bad for the first time on a show trail course! He took 9th place in his class of 18 donkeys.

The evening show in the Main Arena started at 7:30pm, and included many world champion award presentations, Bridled Reining Finals, Bed Roll Race, Mule Days Drill Team, Priefert Texas Thunder team demonstration with their wagon, Musical Tires, Budweiser Clydesdales Team, Chuck Wagon Races, and the Team Pack Off. What a weekend! As you can see, there is a lot going on - never a dull moment!

Here are a few of my photos from today's activities:

AMA Halter 2 Year Olds

Heavy Teams Weight Pulling - If I remember correctly, this team shown by Kathy Davis won the class with pulling over 150% of the team's body weight! This photo was of their winning pull.

4-Up Hitch Teams

Youth Costume Class - Smiling Safari girl with her "Zebra" mule

Youth Costume Class - "Budweiser" mule, "dalmation", and trusty grooms.

Meredith Hodges with Jasper the Mule visiting with people near the vendor stands.

Lead team in the Borax 20 Mule Team

Now it's time to pack everything up, and get a good night's sleep in preparation to hit the road early in the morning for a long drive home.

I hope you enjoyed Bishop Mule Days, and will join us again next year! Now its time to get ready for some more summer fun as soon as we get home and unpacked. Check back in a few days for more great articles and a gallery of more photos from Mule Days!

Kristie Jorgensen

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Posted by Kristie Jorgensen at May 24, 2009 09:08 PM