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September 21, 2007

First Newsletter Continued - Part 2

A short article from Pat Scanlan, owner of the Donkey Tree, learn more at: http://www.donkeytree.com/donkeytree.html

The name Mammoth probably came
into use about 1836 when the jack named Mammoth was imported to Kentucky and bought by Dr. Davis. Mammoth and his line became known as the Kentucky mammoths. It was said to
be the the biggest jack imported up to that time at 64".
Henry Clay had imported several great jacks to Kentucky in the 1820s including Warrior, Ulysses and Don Carlos. Most of this importing activity was as a result of George Washington's interest in breeding mules from his European gifts. At the time of Washington's death some of his mules sold for about $200.00. This sparked great interest that started breeding, and the later imports of better jackstock to develop mules for farm work. Then there is a quiet period of the war and 20 years thereafter until an interest in pedigrees began. The first meeting of an interested group of breeders was in 1888. Two years later the American Breeders Association of Jacks and Jennets was formed and a registry established. Possibly that word American and mammoth came together at that time.
There are few, or no written records of pedigree before the 1880s. Most have been collected from memories, or maybe some from dreams. During the 50 years before the 1880s there is a very large blank in knowledge, and probably a very large mixing of the various imported stocks of Catalonian. Andalusian, Maltesian, Poitou, Majorcan, Italian and native American stocks. There are old prints of different types, but today I guess we can call them American because they are here, and mammoth because they are big.
Pat Scanlan

Posted by Tanya Tourjee at September 21, 2007 01:59 PM